Saturday, September 5, 2015

Post Beach

The beach is our most favorite place, but we need naps when we get back! It was windy today and the waves were rough. We thought maybe the water was alive and we stayed away from it today. We saw a dead seagull that smelled delightful! Our people would not let us roll on it and we could not understand why! Lots of people ask what kind of dogs we are. We know we are special dogs, you can call us whatever you want. People love Murphy's magnificent tail as it is undocked and has a wonderful majestic curl at the top. Murphy is glad that Jerry has healed up and can get back to the beach. He had to miss two whole weeks of digging and rolling in the sand and smelling the air and feeling the sand between his toes. Our people are glad too. Now that Jerry is healthy, he can fully enjoy life! We are resting up for our next adventure.......

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