Saturday, September 5, 2015

Naughty boys

So the beds are carefully made in the guest rooms and everyone is tucked into their (dog) beds supposedly. Somehow by morning, the crisp covers of our adult son's bed and the guest room next door are crumpled. Mmmmm.....Clues about the culprits: black hair and drool on a pillow, bed pillows piled up and a Carolina Panthers stuffed animal mascot on the floor.....the suspects are rounded up and questioned.....

As it turns out, Murphy takes the guest room daybed as it is simply a step up off the floor and a mascot hitting the floor to get his sleeping arrangements. (I think he is a Dallas Cowboys fan at heart.) Jerry takes a more daring approach and leaps up into the middle of our son's double bed and rakes the bed pillows around to suit himself. Mystery solved. Bedroom doors closed and regular dog beds occupied.

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