Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hi. I am new here.

So here is what arrived in our lives on July 19, 2015. Nope, not an Airedale, obviously a black Lab. Say hello to Jerry. He needed a home and we were ready to take on a new furry family member. He is six years old and a good natured, sweet dog. He is overweight and has an entropion (rolled eyelid) on his right eye. It was repaired once, but was not successful. We will be forging ahead with that surgery next week to see if we can get better results for him. Murphy was not too taken with our non-terrier addition. He sulked for a couple of days and then was grumpy for the next few days and now has agreed to a truce. They do play sometimes and seem to be getting more used to the idea of each other. It is amusing to watch Murphy play with Jerry. "Bitey face" has not been a hit with Jerry. On the other hand, running around and wrestling is a great source of entertainment.

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